We believe in the saying, "rising tides raises all ships". We've named our fundraising program, Rising Tides. Coffee sold by the bag -- with ~30-50% margins -- for your non-profit organization. 

You sell coffee; we fulfill; you deliver. Please contact us for more information. We have the form (and coffee) ready to go.

Outline of the program as follows. 

  1. Contact Smalley to organize dates for your fundraiser. 
    1. We require a Single Point of Contact from your organization
  2. Dates are established for when orders are due and coordination of coffee pick-up.
    1. Lead time on processing orders is 3-4 weeks.
  3. We send you the order form.
  4. You market and take orders in any form possible. 
    1. We will (offer to) share on our social media.
  5. Order forms are submitted to Smalley. 
    1. We require payment prior to order fulfillment and recommend you collecting payment upfront.
    2. Payment is accepted via credit card, cash or check.
  6. Online orders can be accommodated. 
    1. This is specific to requests from an organization. 
    2. Additionally, Smalley can ship coffee. Shipping costs are handled on a case-by-case situation with each organization. Please inquire.