The Smalley Coffee Airstream trailer opened on April 4, 2014. But the idea started years earlier as "Basecamp Coffee". 

I had been carrying around this idea of living out of an Airstream. As I got into my mid-20s, I knew it wasn't in the cards for me, but I'd dream about it and would sometimes find myself on the internet, searching craigslist for a deal. 

It was around the same time when I started to tinker with coffee in the kitchen. I had a gifted Chemex and I would stop by local shops to try their offering, picking up their roasted beans in the process. That tinkering ended up turning my kitchen in a coffee lab. 

Late one night in 2012, I found the deal I was after and bought myself an Airstream. As I began retro-fitting and rehabbing it to become a coffee shop, my grandparents told me of a similar venture my Grandpa Smalley had built in Michigan, "Smalley's Hot Spot". 

It was then that I knew I had to name it Smalley Coffee. 

We opened in 2014 and served our handcrafted coffees in Jasper, Indiana for 6 years. In a streak of coincidence, I had been plotting a cafe storefront, gasp, in a building and, additionally was approached to sell the Airstream. 

Short story long, the Airstream was sold and COVID-19 hit. Soooo, we have flipped the business to a coffee delivery service! It's the same beans you've been accustomed to and it now gives us an opportunity to share our coffee with friends and family across the US.